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Emergency Preparedness
Hurricane Awareness
Hurricane season is from June through November. August and September are the busiest months for hurricane activity in Texas.
  Blackboard Connect: Emergency Message Notifications
The City of Jamaica Beach is pleased to announce the launch of the Blackboard Connect service, our new city-to-resident notification system. With this service, city leaders can send personalized voice messages to residents and businesses within minutes with specific information about time-sensitive or common-interest issues such as emergencies and local community matters. The Connect service will be used to supplement our current communication plans and augment public safety/first responder services.

Please accept our invitation to participate in this great service. We know that your personal information is important, and rest assured that we will not share it with anyone. If you have NOT already received a test phone call from us, or you would like to provide additional contact information, click the Blackboard Connect image to sign up.

Annual Preparations
  • Make a checklist of things to be done to secure your home and property if evacuation is  necessary. For helpful information on how to prepare your home visit
  • Know where you’re going and the route to take if evacuation is necessary.
  • Have on hand the materials to secure your home if you do not have storm blinds.
  • Obtain City of Jamaica Beach decals for your vehicles from Jamaica Beach City Hall. (Limit of 2 decals per residence.) Keep automobiles filled with gas during the storm season.
  • Check your insurance policies.  Update if necessary.
  • When Storm Is In Gulf
  • Store supplies of drinking water and foods that do not need to be cooked.
  • Organize important papers and items of value you want to take with you when evacuating.
  • Secure boats.  Move outdoor furniture and equipment inside.
  • Obtain plastic to cover furniture indoors.
  • Take supply of needed medications with you when evacuating.
  • Get a fresh supply of batteries for radios and flashlights.
  • Check your windshield for City of Jamaica Beach decals. (Decals are available at city hall.) For re-entry at the Causeway, the City of Galveston will require one of the following:
  • current Texas driver's license or identification card with Galveston Island address;
  • recent utility bill with Galveston Island address and a picture ID;
  • recent Galveston County property tax statement for Galveston Island address and a picture ID; or
  • proof of ownership (or employment with) a Galveston Island business and a picture ID.
  • Make plans or arrangements for your pets.  DON’T LEAVE YOUR PETS ALONE AND UNCARED FOR IN YOUR HOUSE.
  • Don’t wait until evacuation is necessary to board up and secure your home.
  • Monitor radio (KTRH 740AM), weather stations (The Weather Channel) and TV reports.
  • Residents who plan to trailer boats out SHOULD DO SO EARLY.  This will help alleviate traffic jams at the launching ramps and during evacuation.
  • When Evacuation Is Necessary
  • The Mayor will declare a State of Emergency.
  • Residents will be notified to evacuate by "Blackboard Connect" automated phone system, and the police will use loudspeakers. Continue to monitor radio, weather station, and TV reports.  Before leaving your house:
  • Clean out refrigerators and freezers.  Spoiled food odors can ruin those appliances.
  • Fill your bathtub or other containers with an emergency supply of water.
  • Turn off water heaters and unplug all appliances.
  • Use your cut-off valve to turn off the water to your house.
  • Turn off your electricity at the breaker box and main disconnect, if you have one.
  • DO NOT shut off the gas to your house.
  •  If you will need help evacuating from a hurricane or any other hazard, dial 2-1-1 or visit to register in advance. It is necessary to do this each calendar year.
    When You Return
  • Monitor radio, weather station and TV reports to know when it is clear to return.
  • For the protection of your property, security will be tight. Proof of residency or property ownership will be required for re-entry. (See section titled "When Storm Is In Gulf" for acceptable forms of identification.)
  • The police department, city officials and staff, will return to the city as soon as possible.
  • Exercise extreme caution to prevent fires. Be alert for danger from snakes, rats, broken glass, nails, etc.
  • For security reasons, a curfew will be in effect at night and will be enforced.
  • Helpful Links
    Local, Federal and State Preparedness:
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    2020 Galveston County Emergency and Disaster Guide
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    Galveston County Office of Emergency Management -
    Galveston County Health District -
    Department of Homeland Security -
    Federal Emergency Management Agency -
    The United States Coast Guard -
    Federal Alliance for Safe Homes -
    American Red Cross - http://www/
    Texas Division of Emergency Management -
    Texas A&M Forest Service -
    Texas Department of Insurance -
    Texas Windstorm Insurance Association -
    National Flood Insurance Program -
    National Hurricane Center -
    National Weather Service - or
    Small Business Administration -
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